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TГtigen Sie einfach eine Einzahlung mit einer der vielen ZahlungsmГglichkeiten, dass das.

wie benutzen allopurinol mg ratiopharm schmerzmittel voltaren geflügel leberkäse hotel yasmin prag ladegerät lithium ionen akku asics gel pulse 8 herren immer dicker se raser avec du gel douche duac akne gel kaufen fingernägel uechige-naegel-was-tun-hausmittel/]brà - chige nägel was tun. 12 Als wichtiger Beleg für dauerhafte Qualität und Kompetenz der analytischen So wies ein Quittensaft einen aus bräunlichen, flockenartigen Partikeln allem Brühwürsten wie Mortadella, Bierschinken oder auch Leberkäse zugesetzt. 12 Als wichtiger Beleg für dauerhafte Qualität und Kompetenz der analytischen So wies ein Quittensaft einen aus bräunlichen, flockenartigen Partikeln allem Brühwürsten wie Mortadella, Bierschinken oder auch Leberkäse zugesetzt.

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Schade, nun müssen wir wieder die Glaskugel bemühen oder im Kaffeesatz lesen um unsere Besucher zu verstehen Warum wir das tun müssen?

Ganz einfach, Du hast uns verboten Deine Nutzung auf unserer Seite mit Google Analytics zu beobachten. Das klingt erstmal dramatisch für Dich, wissen wir.

Aber sieh es doch mal so: Wir wissen doch gar nicht wer DU bist. Wir sehen nur, dass JEMAND sich unsere Seiten ansieht. Wir wissen nicht wer Du bist, ob du Männlein oder Weiblein bist, wie alt, wie schwer - keine Ahnung.

Ebenso geben wir diese Daten auch nicht an Google weiter. Wir haben die ja auch gar nicht! Dennoch liefert dieser JEMAND uns wervolle Infos über unsere Seite.

Wir möchten, dass Dir hier alles gefällt, dass Du dich wohlfühlst und - klar - unsere Produkte kaufst Wir können so also sehen wo es Probleme gibt.

Wenn viele Besucher unsere Seite während des Kaufs während der Auswahl der Zahlart verlassen, dann wissen wir, dass da etwas nicht stimmt und können das verbessern.

Klingt doch gut, oder? Du hast etwas davon, wir auch. Also eine Win-Win-Situation. Two Portuguese players were approached by a young woman from Thailand.

She invited them to her room with ''an interesting proposition. The Portuguese players immediately left and reported the incident.

Top Asian soccer officials would later confirm that the fixers had approached players from Cameroon, Portugal, Honduras and Chile. Years later, Kwesi Nyantakyi, the president of the Ghana football federation, was unsurprised when it was discovered there had been an attempt to fix an international match featuring his team.

He said in an interview, ''In every competition, you find gamblers around. Yes, every competition, every competition, they are there.

In all the major tournaments, World Cup, Cup of Nations. The gamblers are not Africans, they are Europeans and Asians.

So, they have a lot of money to bet on these things. Ghana players, including their former international captains Stephen Appiah and Yussif Chibsah, said in interviews that match-fixers approached their team at the Under World Cup in Malaysia, the Olympics in Athens and the World Cup in Germany.

The Ghanaian women's team at the World Cup in China in was also approached. The players said they turned down all offers but were never surprised to receive them.

FIFA knows about this problem. During an interview in February , its president Sepp Blatter began by saying, ''You want to speak to me about the Asian match-fixers?

I have known about this problem for years. FIFA's attitude seemed to have been that these fixers were the unluckiest tourists in the world.

The fixers went to all these tournaments around the world, where they approached players, coaches and officials '-- but, FIFA insisted, they never succeeded in bribing anyone.

Yet they kept returning. However, in January of this year, Ralf Mutschke, a former German police officer who is FIFA's head of security, told the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung that fixers may attend the World Cup in Brazil and may approach players and teams.

Certain key matches third games in the opening round, for example would be in serious jeopardy. He outlined measures FIFA will take to protect soccer's credibility.

Guaranteeing players a minimum salary and bonuses, however, was not one of the FIFA measures. The German Organized Crime Task Force, based in the small city of Bochum, has been investigating match-fixing gangs since The Bochum detectives now estimate that fixers succeeded in corrupting at least games between and '-- about one international game a week.

Even top international matches in Europe have been fixed, according to the judge presiding at the trial of Croatian brothers Ante and Milan Sapina.

The trial was the first, real spotlight into the world of match-rigging. The investigation started in October , when German police officers heard on a wiretap a mobster threatening the life of a daughter of a prominent prosecutor.

The police moved fast and the investigation eventually involved hundreds of police officers across Europe.

They discovered an independent link to a global match-fixing network run out of a small Berlin caf C '-- Cafe King. At its heart were the Sapina brothers.

At the end of their trial, in a dramatic confession, Ante Sapina read a list of 47 games that he helped fix, including World Cup qualifying matches and European nations Championship games.

Both Sapinas are serving lengthy prison terms in German jails. International soccer tournaments with the confirmed presence of match-fixers:.

The Sapinas would link up with Singaporean match-fixers who placed bets on the crooked games on the sports gambling market in Asia. This market is huge.

We call it '-- 'Thursday. For soccer fans it gets worse. Much worse. According to a confidential FIFA investigation report obtained by the Star, the Asian match-fixer who was so inspired by the man who approached the Swedish players '-- Wilson Raj Perumal '-- was fixing games in South Africa days before the start of the last World Cup.

He had help from some '-- as yet unknown '-- South African football official. According to the FIFA investigators, some of the same people who were helping organize the last World Cup were, ''complicit in a criminal conspiracy to manipulate these matches'' and ''Were the listed matches fixed?

On the balance of probabilities, yes! In these circumstances, it is difficult to think that the match-fixers will not be in Brazil trying their luck.

His book, ''The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime'' , is a best seller in 21 languages, and his journalism on the fixing scandals can be found in the New York Times, the Guardian and the Toronto Star.

He obtained his doctorate on the study of match-fixing from the University of Oxford and, following his infiltration of the Asian gangs he has testified before the Council of Europe and the International Olympic Committee.

His latest book, ''The Insider's Guide to Match-Fixing in Football,'' was published in November. Photo via the International Relations and Security Network ISN Flickr account.

If there's one thing English people love more than cocaine, it's soccer. The problem is, fans up and down the country might have a tough time getting a buzz on during the World Cup thanks to an unprecedented coke drought.

Traditionally, the tournament is a boomtime for dealers, and you'd expect a combination of sunny weather and games that potentially won't finish until 3 AM local time to fuel demand among all-day drinkers who don't want to fall asleep in public.

But a string of international and domestic drug busts has led to a shortage just as the tournament gets underway. Though the North and the Midlands are the hardest-hit regions, prices are soaring and purity levels are plummeting all over the country.

Low-level drug-dealers are feeling the pinch. K, a twentysomething cocaine dealer who works up in Birmingham, told me, "I have not known a drought like this ever.

There is just nothing about. We started shorting the amounts and cutting what we had left a couple of weeks back, but now we can't even get anything to do that.

The World Cup and European Championships are usually mental for demand and as the games start late at night, I should be caning it for the next month.

We keep on being told to wait, but it is not looking good for this weekend. K reckons that the lack of cocaine on the streets will spell trouble for the police and pub owners.

The amount of fights will be insane, and if England loses then I bet a few [pubs] will get smashed up'--it's standard.

Further up the food chain, a Staffordshire something drug dealer, whom I'll call Danny, is also frantically trying to lay his lands on coke.

Danny sells nothing below a kilo. He told me, "It's becoming like a crisis, man. The boat [that the police] caught coming in from Colombia last month has fucked everything up.

Danny began selling weed in the 90s and progressed to cocaine eight years ago after several other dealers were jailed. The Cape Maria had set out from Colombia the previous month carrying a cargo of coal, but also had kilos pounds stashed away in the rudder area.

The crew is believed to have been totally oblivious to their contraband cargo. In a joint operation the Scottish Police, Border Force agents, the National Crime Agency, and Dutch authorities arrested three Dutch nationals in the nearby Seamill Hydro Hotel in Ayrshire.

Diving equipment, a rigid inflatable boat, and an underwater ''scooter'' were also recovered from the hotel. The three Dutch guys appeared at Leeds Magistrates Court the following week and were remanded in custody.

They were believed to have arrived in Ayrshire posing as tourists. The National Crime Agency estimate 25 to 30 tons of cocaine is smuggled into Britain every year.

Traditionally, most of the cocaine destined for Europe, including the UK, has crossed the Atlantic by ship and entered via Spain," a spokesman for the NCA told me.

The UK's coke supply is also dwindling because of a massive bust in April, one of the biggest cocaine seizures ever made by the Colombian authorities.

The bust took the amount of cocaine discovered by the Colombian authorities to more than 25 tons in this year alone'--already making one of the best years for busts ever.

In Staffordshire, Danny is counting the cost and is concerned about the ramifications of the drought. The big winners will be the Albanians, who already have a big enough chunk of the market'--they will fill the gap with proper crap.

Danny also told me that the shortage would inevitably lead to violence. The police might think they are winning because there is a temporary drought but they have no idea of the consequences on the street.

He added, "No one wants to see pissed-up idiots fighting everywhere. It's better for everyone if all these football fans can just have a beer and a line and enjoy the World Cup like they have been planning to all year.

I am providing this supplemental consolidated report, prepared by my Administration and consistent with the War Powers Resolution Public Law , as part of my efforts to keep the Congress informed about deployments of U.

Armed Forces equipped for combat. In furtherance of U. Central Command's and U. Africa Command's areas of responsibility.

In this context, the United States has deployed U. Specific information about counterterrorism deployments to select countries is provided below, and a classified annex to this report provides further information.

Military Operations Against al-Qa'ida, the Taliban, and Associated Forces and in Support of Related U. Counterterrorism Objectives.

Since October 7, , the United States has conducted combat operations in Afghanistan against al-Qa'ida, the Taliban, and associated forces.

In support of these and other overseas operations, the United States has deployed combat-equipped forces to a number of locations in the U.

Central, Pacific, European, Southern, and Africa Command areas of operation. Such operations and deployments have been reported previously, consistent with Public Law and the War Powers Resolution, and operations and deployments remain ongoing.

These operations, which the United States has carried out with the assistance of numerous international partners, have been successful in seriously degrading al-Qa'ida's capabilities and brought an end to the Taliban's leadership of Afghanistan.

As necessary, in response to this terrorist threat, I will direct additional measures to protect U. It is not possible to know at this time the precise scope or the duration of the deployments of U.

Armed Forces necessary to counter this terrorist threat to the United States. United States Armed Forces have transitioned the lead for security to Afghan security forces while striking significant blows against al-Qa'ida's leadership and preventing Afghanistan from being used to launch attacks against our homeland.

On May 27, I announced my decision to end the U. Maintaining these forces in Afghanistan would be for the purposes of training, advising, and assisting Afghan forces and supporting counterterrorism operations against the remnants of al-Qa'ida.

Security Council most recently extended its authorization of the International Security Assistance Force ISAF in Afghanistan until December 31, , in U.

Security Council Resolution October 10, The mission of ISAF, under North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO command and in partnership with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is to reduce the capability and will of the insurgency, support the growth in capacity and capability of the Afghanistan National Security Forces ANSF , and facilitate improvements in governance and socio-economic development in order to provide a secure environment for sustainable stability.

Forty-eight nations, including the United States and all 28 NATO members, contribute forces to ISAF. For the last few years, the ISAF campaign has focused on preparing the ANSF for full security transition in Since June , the ANSF have been in the lead for security nationwide and have been conducting the overwhelming majority of operations.

ISAF is now in support of the ANSF, and the only unilateral operations that ISAF conducts are in support of its own security, sustainment, and redeployment.

In the coming months, ISAF will focus on developing the sustainability of the ANSF at the corps and ministerial levels.

The security transition process -- as agreed to at the NATO Summit in Lisbon and reaffirmed at the NATO Summit in Chicago -- remains on track, and the ANSF are expected to assume full responsibility for security across the whole of Afghanistan by the end of There are approximately 32, U.

Armed Forces are on track to draw down to a Force Management Level of 9, troops by January 1, By the end of , U. In accordance with the mutual commitments agreed to by Afghanistan and the United States in the Strategic Partnership Agreement, this embassy presence would continue to support Afghan political and economic development that contributes to overall stability and to administer security assistance.

The United States would continue to work with our Afghan partners to pursue the remnants of al-Qa'ida and more broadly to work with our partners in the region to continue to detect and disrupt extremist threats.

As I noted in my report of December 13, , on March 25, , the United States signed a Memorandum of Understanding MOU with the Afghan government under which the United States transferred all Afghan nationals detained by U.

Pursuant to the MOU, any new Afghan detainees are to be transferred to Afghan custody and control within 96 hours after capture. United States forces in Afghanistan continue to detain approximately 38 third-country nationals under the Authorization for the Use of Military Force Public Law , as informed by the law of war.

In Somalia, a small contingent of U. On January 26, , U. Armed Forces conducted a counterterrorism strike in Somalia. Our joint efforts have resulted in direct action against a limited number of AQAP operatives and senior leaders in that country who posed a terrorist threat to the United States and our interests.

Combat-equipped forces, deployed since January to the Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, continue to conduct humane and secure detention operations for the detainees at Guantanamo Bay under the authority provided by the Authorization for the Use of Military Force Public Law , as informed by the law of war.

As indicated in my report of December 13, , U. The total number of U. Military Operations in Chad in Support of Efforts to Locate Schoolgirls Kidnapped in Nigeria.

As indicated in my report of May 21, , U. In October and November , U. To enhance this support, as detailed in my report of March 25, , approximately additional U.

The aircraft and personnel providing t he enhanced air mobility support will deploy to the LRA-affected areas of central Africa episodically, as they are available, consistent with other Department of Defense requirements.

During these deployments, the number of U. United States forces are working with select partner nation forces of the AU-RTF to enhance cooperation, information-sharing and synchronization, operational planning, and overall effectiveness.

These forces, however, will not engage LRA forces except in self-defense. It is in the U. The United States is pursuing a comprehensive strategy to help the governments and people of this region in their efforts to end the threat posed by the LRA and to address the impact of the LRA's atrocities.

Additional information about military operations related to the Lord's Resistance Army is provided in the classified annex. Approximately military personnel are assigned to the U.

As detailed in my report of June 21, , at the request of the Government of Jordan, U. Armed Forces elements, including Patriot missile systems, fighter aircraft, and related support, command, control, and communications personnel and systems, are deployed to Jordan to support the security of Jordan and promote regional stability.

These forces will remain in Jordan, in full coordination with the Government of Jordan, until the security situation becomes such that they are no longer needed.

Security Council authorized Member States to establish a NATO-led Kosovo Force KFOR in Resolution on June 10, The original mission of KFOR was to monitor, verify, and, when necessary, enforce compliance with the Military Technical Agreement between NATO and the then-Federal Republic of Yugoslavia now Serbia , while maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Today, KFOR deters renewed hostilities in cooperation with local authorities, bilateral partners, and international institutions. The principal military tasks of KFOR forces are to help maintain a safe and secure environment and to ensure freedom of movement throughout Kosovo.

Currently, 23 NATO Allies contribute to KFOR. Seven non-NATO countries also participate. As stated in my report of December 13, , U. Armed Forces remain in Libya and Yemen to support the security of U.

These forces will remain deployed, in full coordination with the respective host governments, until the security situation no longer requires them. As noted in my December 19 and 22, , reports, U.

Armed Forces deployed to South Sudan to support the security of U. These operations are completed and the forces have subsequently redeployed after transitioning security support to a Marine Security Augmentation Unit.

I have directed the participation of U. Armed Forces in all of these operations pursuant to my constitutional and statutory authority as Commander in Chief including the authority to carry out Public Law and other statutes and as Chief Executive, as well as my constitutional and statutory authority to conduct the foreign relations of the United States.

Officials of my Administration and I communicate regularly with the leadership and other Members of Congress with regard to these deployments, and we will continue to do so.

The President will also announce new steps the Administration and its partners are taking to support the ability of more Americans, young and old, to have to access to these tools and techniques and brings their ideas to life.

America has always been a nation of tinkerers, inventors, and entrepreneurs. In recent years, a growing number of Americans have gained access to technologies such as 3D printers, laser cutters, easy-to-use design software, and desktop machine tools.

These tools are enabling more Americans to design and build almost anything. The rise of the Maker Movement represents a huge opportunity for the United States.

Nationwide, new tools for democratized production are boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in manufacturing, in the same way that the Internet and cloud computing have lowered the barriers to entry for digital startups, creating the foundation for new products and processes that can help to revitalize American manufacturing.

In addition to the Makers at the White House event, June 18 will be a nationwide Day of Making for communities across America to share and celebrate their involvement in the Maker Movement.

De Nederlandse hockeysters hebben hun favorietenrol op de WK hockey in Den Haag waargemaakt. District Court in Alexandria does.

CACI provides information solutions and services in support of national security missions and government transformation for Intelligence, Defense, and Federal Civilian customers.

CACI provides dynamic careers for over 15, employees in offices worldwide. Visit www. Safeguard our national securitySupport critical decision-making to counter global threatsKeep our Armed Forces informed, equipped, and mission-readyTransform government to enhance the quality of services to our citizensModernize government to more efficiently meet national challengesQuick Facts.

We are ever vigilant in meeting the needs of our customers, our employees and our shareholders. We deliver record-setting revenue year after year and enjoy an excellent reputation for quality, service and integrity.

CACI was founded on the principles of integrity, honesty and a steadfast commitment to serving customers. These qualities have been our formula for success throughout our proud more than year history and remain the cornerstones of our corporate culture.

Their value has been confirmed by numerous industry awards, thousands of customer kudos and an outstanding record of support to the government.

In the spring of CACI was caught up in the controversy surrounding Abu Ghraib and abuses that took place there. At the request of the U. Army CACI identified and hired qualified individuals to serve as intelligence analysts and interrogators at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere in Iraq.

Unfortunately, many of the news reports about events in Iraq included serious errors and misleading information about CACI. Two years later some of the original errors and some new inaccuracies continue to crop up in reporting about Iraq.

From the first reports about prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib and for the entire time since, CACI has made the truth its top priority. We have cooperated fully with every government investigation, and we made clear that we would not condone or tolerate illegal or inappropriate behavior by any employee when engaged in CACI business.

We have communicated openly and fully with our employees, our shareholders and the public about our performance in Iraq. And, as necessary, we have endeavored to set the record straight whenever and wherever we have learned of misstatements about CACI or our employees.

As part of our commitment to the truth, in the spring of we established this website to publicly address issues related to Iraq.

No CACI employee or former employee has ever been indicted for any misconduct in connection with CACI's work in Iraq. While three former employees have been cited in various reports in connection with disputed incidents in Iraq, no CACI employee took part or appears in any of the horrific photos released from Abu Ghraib.

We remain proud of our work in Iraq and our other efforts to help in the war against terrorism. We believe that our nation owes a debt of gratitude to the hundreds of CACI employees who risked their lives to support the U.

And we are eternally grateful to the men and women in uniform who sacrifice every day to protect our freedomDr. Jack LondonChairman, CACI International Inc.

Our Good NameThe Book That Sets the Record Straight About CACI's Work at Abu Ghraib. Jody BrownExecutive Vice President, Public Relationsjbrown caci.

Jack London released to CNSNews. Global governance is here--but not where most people think. This book presents the far-reaching argument that not only should we have a new world order but that we already do.

Anne-Marie Slaughter asks us to completely rethink how we view the political world. It's not a collection of nation states that communicate through presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers, and the United Nations.

Nor is it a clique of NGOs. It is governance through a complex global web of "government networks. Slaughter provides the most compelling and authoritative description to date of a world in which government officials--police investigators, financial regulators, even judges and legislators--exchange information and coordinate activity across national borders to tackle crime, terrorism, and the routine daily grind of international interactions.

National and international judges and regulators can also work closely together to enforce international agreements more effectively than ever before.

These networks, which can range from a group of constitutional judges exchanging opinions across borders to more established organizations such as the G8 or the International Association of Insurance Supervisors, make things happen--and they frequently make good things happen.

But they are underappreciated and, worse, underused to address the challenges facing the world today.

The modern political world, then, consists of states whose component parts are fast becoming as important as their central leadership. Slaughter not only describes these networks but also sets forth a blueprint for how they can better the world.

Despite questions of democratic accountability, this new world order is not one in which some "world government" enforces global dictates.

The governments we already have at home are our best hope for tackling the problems we face abroad, in a networked world order.

By showing how today's world--of what she calls 'disaggregated states'--actually works, Slaughter cuts the ground away from nationalists and internationalists alike.

This, she says, is how it is, for America and everyone else. She also, quite clearly, believes that this how it should be.

I have absolutely no doubt that Slaughter is on to something. Particularly revealing is Slaughter's remarkable account of the cooperation between national judicial authorities and international and regional courts.

Slaughter represents the cutting intellectual edge of this decade's new way of thinking about global governance.

Another Princeton book authored or coauthored by Anne-Marie Slaughter:. What the fall of the Free Syrian Army's front woman in Washington tells us about America's love affair with rebel groups and its ignorance of the Middle East.

It was, in Washington terms, great PR. Questioning Secretary of State John Kerry during a Sept. Elizabeth O'Bagy'' about the growing moderate Syrian opposition.

It would be easy to imagine that Elizabeth O'Bagy was a venerated Syria expert with decades of experience. In fact, O'Bagy turned out to be a year-old who had first begun to research Syria 20 months ago as an intern at the Institute for the Study of War, a hawkish Washington non-profit.

Over the summer, O'Bagy had become the celebre of the Syrian rebel cause. Cable television bookers were ecstatic: an attractive young woman who could talk eloquently about Syria.

She was everywhere, doing multiple appearances a day on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, to name just a few outlets. Washington has a long history of love affairs with motley rebels who look like a better bet for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness than whatever autocrat is in U.

Born into one of the few non-Mormon families in Holiday, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City, O'Bagy's interest in Islam was cemented when her classmates ostracized the one Arab boy in her high school after the Sept.

O'Bagy graduated from Georgetown with a bachelors degree in Arabic and went to live in Cairo for two years before returning to Washington to seek her masters and PhD from her alma mater in Arabic Studies.

At the end of she began an internship with the Institute. She was hired a year later as a Syria analyst, making half a dozen trips into rebel-held parts of Syria.

By May, weeks after completing her masters degree, she was acting as McCain's Sherpa for his surprise trip into Syria to meet with rebel groups.

Part of what facilitated the trips was O'Bagy's side job, approved by the Institute, working for the Syrian Emergency Task Force, which both lobbies in Washington for the moderate Syrian opposition and does humanitarian work inside Syria.

Through the non-profit, she traveled to Syria to evaluate if the money it was receiving for that work from the State Department was being effectively spent.

She met many of the leaders of the more than 1, brigades that make up Syria's opposition. O'Bagy became the de facto expert on Syria because she was virtually the only person with first hand knowledge of what has become one of the murkiest of modern wars, seen by the West mostly in a collection of YouTube videos and frontline tweets.

I could wear a Hijab or a Niqab. And you say to men, 'Please help me,' and they do. By midsummer, O'Bagy had become Washington's go-to expert on Syria.

She gave speeches at universities and think tanks. She briefed 14 Senate and 20 House offices. She was often the first call for everyone from Fox News to MSNBC.

She became the face of the moderate Syrian opposition, batting down dovish anxieties that the rebels were riddled with al Qaeda and arming them would ultimately harm U.

Her rise reached its apex with her Aug. It was also the beginning of the end. The Journal at first identified her as just an analyst for the Institute for the Study of War.

In other op-eds, O'Bagy herself had disclosed the dual association, but for the Journal, at the insistence of Kim Kagan, the Institute's head, she says, she did not.

Kagan disputes this account. Critics were quick to point out the Journal's omission of O'Bagy's task force work, charging that she was lobbying the same politicians she was meant to be briefing.

O'Bagy and the task force both say she was never involved in the group's lobbying activities. But that first opening led others to look more closely.

Within days, it was revealed that Dr. O'Bagy didn't have a PhD. On Sept. I'd always been top of my class, in high school, at Georgetown [undergraduate].

I'd never failed before. Both were well known advocates for the war in Iraq and for both surges in Iraq and Afghanistan. Just as the Iraq War has haunted U.

Andrew Sullivan, a blogger, wrote in a post entitled, ''The Neocon Fantasy Machine Rolls On'': ''It sickens me to see the same propaganda machine wheeled into action again, and to see Washington take it seriously.

Instead, O'Bagy advocates increased U. Kim Kagan stands by O'Bagy's research. I think that she's an incredibly talented person with extraordinary potential who made a terrible error of judgment.

As O'Bagy picks up the pieces'--she is looking to move to Turkey and continue work with the rebels, though she resigned from the Task Force on Sept.

The vehicles will help "Iraq's ability to defend its oil infrastructure against terrorist attacks, " the agency said.

The deal includes 24 AT-6C Texan II light-attack aircraft, a turboprop plane manufactured by Beechcraft that has. The Pentagon's Defense Security Cooperation Agency informed Congress on Tuesday of the planned sale, which will go ahead unless lawmakers block the deal.

The sale is the latest in a series of U. And Iraq purchased seven aerostats, airships or tethered balloons that rely on a buoyant gas, to provide surveillance for military installations and key infrastructure, it said.

As you might expect for any foreign-policy ''dispute'' between Maverick and Grahamnesty, the point of contention here is whether we should intervene aggressively or really aggressively.

Graham wants the U. HEXX ma es dining social, with oversi ed seating ideal for lounging and coc tails li e the oversi ed HEXX potions and an array of dishes that are ideal for sharing.

Expansive wine. Thoroughly cooking food of animal origin, including but not limited to beef, eggs, fish, lamb, milk, poultry or shellfish reduces the risk of food borne illness oung children, the elderly and individuals with certain health conditions may be at risk if these foods are consumed raw or undercooked Concession fee of added to all checks.

Open 2 hours seasonal hours may apply , HEXX offers do ens of brea fast selections ranging from classics li e stea and eggs to new creations li e chocolate panca es, along with over-the-top Bloody Marys and other morning libations.

Located in the heart of Sin City at the Paris Hotel and Casino, Mon Ami Gabi is an intimate, wood-trimmed, softly lit space that provides a classic ambiance.

Guests dine at tables complete with crisp white tablecloths and butcher paper, and en oy a co y setting surrounded by large French windows that loo out to the bustling Strip.

The outdoor patio is a beautiful place to spend an evening with stunning views of the fountains of Bellagio. Monday-Thursday 7 00am 00pm Friday-Saturday 7 00am 00am Sunday 7 00am 00pm.

Price varies based on items selected. Located in the heart of the Strip inside Planet Hollywood, P. Our chefs create dishes with bold flavors inspired by authentic coo ing from all over Asia, mixing regional ingredients in unexpected ways to satisfy culinary.

The best Asian herbs and vegetables are chopped daily, our meat is always fresh and hand-sliced before it hits the wo and our dim sum is still hand rolled.

Our sushi is always rolled to order and features a variety of uni ue and traditional rolls. As we continue to introduce fresh, innovative cuisine, we invite you to fill your table to explore new flavors and share old favorites.

Experience the combination of perfectly charred cuts of beef paired with decadent sides set in siren-red interiors dressed in black and white vintage photography from the Studio Manasse Collection.

Enjoy a memorable steakhouse experience, complete with table-side carvings,. Menu is subject to change. Silent Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free options are available.

Dress Code: Business Casual. Young, elderly and individuals with certain health conditions may be at a higher risk. We offer prix-fixe menus perfect for private dining and large parties.

Our private dining rooms are a great way to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, bachelor ette parties, business dinners, or just to enhance your dining experience.

Please enquire about our private dining options. Create your own selection of fresh, chilled shellfish presented on our signature iced seafood tower.

Signature items include the three-tiered iced Seafood Tower appetizer, Bone-In Filet,. For large groups or private events, three elegant private dining rooms overlooking the Tree House seat up to 75 guests and are equipped with audio and video options.

En oy nuanced, playful cuisine and coc tails for which The Ba aar by Jos Andr s has become nown on both coasts, in a stri ingly seductive setting by Philippe Starc , in collaboration with SLS.

FROM THE FIRE PIT This is the heart and soul of Bazaar Meat ested in a Spanish cazuela and roasted in a wood-fired oven, this traditional method achieves a crispy skin and juicy interior er ed with e s d mi t ettu e i s t m t es.

Bazaar Meat by os Andr s is one of the few restaurants in the country certified to buy and serve authentic Kobe beef from the yogo Prefecture in apan shiyaki grilling stone, mustard frill salad, fresh wasabi.

MINDFUL MEATS, CA, YR. Catalan-style pork sausage, grilled pan de cristal, fresh tomato, honey alioli e u sub e t t se s. For parties of 15 or more, please contact our events team at View hours and the full menu at slsvegas.

Cleopatra is legendary. Cleo is unforgettable. A dramatic pitched roof, Moroccan tiles and chandeliers, white marble counters, and emeraldgreen curtains create a warm elegance.

In this enlivening atmosphere,. Chef Danny Elmaleh showcases his acclaimed contemporary Mediterranean cuisine of seasonal shared plates, me es, and flatbreads, complemented by a selection of handcrafted coc tails and uni ue wines.

Cleo is available for group dining and private events of up to guests. CRISPY RICE WITH SPICY TUNA ur most flavorful dish on the menu and the one Katsuya is most famous for a can t-miss dish.

SALADS CRISPY CHICKEN Steamed chicken, crispy wontons and rice noodles, tossed in plum vinaigrette. Featuring the dynamic pairing of Master Sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi and design impresario Philippe Starc , Katsuya is truly a feast for the senses.

With specialty coc tails, uni ue rolls, and spectacular sushi and sashimi platters, Chef Uechi s illfully translates Japanese flavors for the American palate.

The superb talent and exacting precision of Katsuya is changing the. A must-try dish Marinated for hours and broiled to perfection, this Katsuya signature uses sweet miso and the special taste of black cod to deliver unparalleled flavor.

LOBSTER DYNAMITE A half lobster saut ed with mushrooms and tossed in Chef s creamy dynamite sauce, then baked to perfection. DOUBLE HAMACHI ROLL Spicy yellowtail, spicy kanikama and cucumber, rolled and topped with thinly sliced yellowtail, serrano chili and onion ponzu.

Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, scallop, crab and avocado wrapped with rice, soy paper and cucumber, served with wasabi ponzu on the side.

CORN CRUNCH ROLL SEAFOOD YAKISOBA Shrimp, calamari, scallops and lobster stir-fried with garlic chives and sprouts.

Garlic butter-saut ed shrimp and avocado rolled with crispy corn tempura, drizzled with sweet soy.

Katsuya is available for group dining and private events of up to guests. Choice of filling with rice and beans wrapped in a flour tortilla topped with red or green chile sauce, jack and cheddar cheeses Bean egetable Chile erde Ground Beef Shredded Beef Shredded Chicken Carnitas Carne Asada.

Chicken or char-broiled steak with jack and cheddar cheeses, rice, beans and sour cream rolled in a flour tortilla and topped with ranchero sauce.

Tortilla chips smothered in jack and cheddar cheeses, shredded beef, diced tomato, beans, black olives, guacamole, sour cream and jalape os.

Cheese nchilada v Beef nchilada Chicken nchilada Pork nchilada Shredded Chicken Taco Shredded Beef Taco Ground Beef Taco Tamales Chile Relleno v Beef lautas Chicken lautas Beef Ta uitos Spinach and Mushroom nchilada v.

FIESTA PLATO Cholula chicken wings, jalape o poppers, ta uitos and mini tostadas serves approximately people.

Crisp greens topped with marinated fajita beef or chicken, saut ed peppers, onions, guacamole and sour cream. Crisp greens topped with grilled shrimp and scallops, served with tomatoes, cucumbers and fried enchilada cheese, tossed in a ranchero dressing.

CARNITAS Slow roasted, marinated pork served with red or green salsa and your choice of flour or corn tortillas. Located upstairs in the second floor me anine, this festive cantina is a lively bac drop for south-of-the-border favorites plated up in the itchen.

Tacos, tamales, enchiladas, chimichangas, si ling fa itas, chile relleno, flautas, and. SEAFOOD DIABLO A delightful combination of shrimp and scallops saut ed with spicy sauce and topped with crabmeat.

ENCHILADA SUI AS Tender slices of chicken rolled in flour tortillas topped with a creamy tomatilla sauce and served with avocado and sour cream.

Average entr e price 1. Combination of jumbo shrimp, gold seal oysters on the half shell, middleneck clams on the half shell and a crab claw with appropriate dipping sauces.

With a bright, airy atmosphere and a slee granite counter surrounding the open itchen, the Big Sur Oyster Bar displays the talents of its staff and the freshness of its top- uality ingredients.

Shrimp, clams, oysters, mussels, lobster, crab, and fresh fish are prepared before your eyes and served at the bar or barside tables. Beers on tap and a selection of wines by the bottle.

FISH SLIDERS resh fish battered and fried served on two brioche rolls with tartar sauce, shredded lettuce and tomato. MARYLAND LUMP CRAB CAKES With baby greens, lemon, remoulade sauce, sweet chili sauce and steamed rice.

GUMBO earty Louisiana style stew with andouille sausage, chicken, shrimp, okra and rice seasoned to perfection.

JAMBALAYA Shrimp, chicken and andouille sausage saut ed with onions, green peppers and okra in a creole sauce with steamed rice e. Average en ree.

En oy dinner after a movie or oin a friend for ust off the casino floor. Hours of Operation Mon-Fri, Noon - Midnight.

Lunch Specials Monday- Thursday 12pm- pm. Romaine lettuce, gorgonzola cheese, bartlett pear, candied pecans, with maple blue cheese dressing.

An array of shrimp, scallops, calamari and lobster lightly marinated with italian herbs and olive oil n a bed of seasonal lettuces.

Start with a Caprese style salad of ripe tomatoes, fresh basil and mo arella Chef Matthew Rios ma es by hand. Next, on to homemade gnocchi or ravioli, two.

RAVIOLI A LA VODKA and filled ravioli with ricotta cheese and walnuts finished with a tomato sauce flavored with vodka.

STEAK AND SHRIMP DUETTO Broiled filet mignon and served with pancetta wrapped shrimp and garlic butter sauce. Savory soups, freshly ba ed breads, seafood flown in daily, and a wide variety of Italian desserts are showcased in this stylishly appointed specialty room.

Attentive and accommodating service will ma e your pre-show dinner, special occasion, or night on the town an even more memorable experience.

Average entr e price For over 30 years, this intimate, seat gourmet room has earned accolades galore. Open daily pm - 10pm.

Seasonal greens tossed with smoked cheddar, avocado, other market fresh ingredients and your choice of dressing. Las vegas, nv Stratosphere executive Chef rick Giffen designed the menu specifically for taste buds of all kinds and people who like to enjoy a nice meal out on the town without breaking the bank.

The restaurant features an array of steaks, seafood, pasta, sandwiches, and specialty items such as a Half rack of Chile roasted St.

Louis ribs, Barbecue. CALIFOrnIA GrILLeD CHICken SAnDwICH With avocado, vine ripe tomatoes, lettuce, Swiss cheese and angel hair onion straws.

GrILLeD POrTOBeLLO MuSHrOOM SAnDwICH With balsamic marinated portobello, lettuce, tomato, and angel hair onion straws. BuILD YOur Own PASTA Choose penne pasta or fettuccini tossed with creamy Alfredo sauce or zesty marinara With grilled chicken or shrimp.

Crusted Atlantic Salmon and a hearty House-cut Sirloin. For large party reservations of 18 or more, please contact our sales team at Open Daily 3pm — 11pm.

MIXED GREENS Tomato, cucumber, red onion, radish, fennel, roasted beets, balsamic vinaigrette Tomato, cucumber, red onion, radish, fennel, roasted beets, balsamic vinaigrette Trimbach Reserve Pinot Gris, Alsace.

This Las Vegas fine dining restaurant features culinary delights served in an elegant atmosphere with unparalleled views of the city as the restaurant revolves 3 0 degrees every 80 minutes.

This restaurant has developed. Roasted peppers, burrata cheese, herb oil, balsamic essence Gerard Bertrand Brut, Cremant e Limoux.

BLACKENED SCOTTISH SALMON Cajun spices, lobster rice and peas, lemon butter emulsion Marisco The ed Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough.

O RT O RSE DUET PLATE ark chocolate pot de cr me, seasonal cr me brulee Taylor ladgate irst state Porto. ORGANIC HALF CHICKEN eritage breed, bacon lardons, portobello, potato, sweet pea puree, cr me fraiche demi-glace Robert Mondavi Merlot, apa alley.

Top of the World is the epitome of Vegas Tower restaurants, featuring an extensive wine list, which has earned recognition, being awarded the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 19 years in a row, every year from to present.

Please contact Open Daily 11am — 11pm. Dress Code Lunch — Casual l Dinner — Business Casual. Lobster, scallops, prawns, cauliflower salad, moorish tomato sauce Borgo Conventi Pinot Grigio, Collio.

Chef Thomas A. Keller has brought his distinctive style to Las Vegas with Bouchon. Chef Keller rediscovers the classics, using historical reference points and classic French techni ues, combined with a modern approach.

Bouchon Las Vegas lives up to. The restaurant is located in the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Vene ia Tower. For private dining and special event in uiries please call Dress Code Suggested business casual.

Reservations ta en daily by calling Reservations available online at www. TAO ASIAN BISTRO AND NIGHTCLUB Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Palazzo Las Vegas Blvd.

TAO Asian Bistro and Nightclub will take you on a culinary and design voyage through Japan, China and Thailand. Guests can enjoy signature dishes including Lobster Wontons with a Shiitake-Ginger Broth, Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass, Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu, Peking Duck and a full sushi menu under the watchful eye of our ft.



A chic lounge serves as a gathering spot ideal for cocktails and conversation with DJs spinning eclectic beats nightly. Open seven days a week: 5pm—Midnight.

LOUNGE Open seven days a week: Sun—Thu 5pm—Midnight, Fri—Sat 5pmam. NIGHTCLUB Thu—Sat: 10pm—5am. CHOPPED SALAD Shredded iceburg, baby spinach, applewood smoked bacon, heirloom tomatoes, hearts of palm, mushrooms, pecans, white cheddar cheese, broutons, truffle deviled egg, lemon basil vinaigrette.

Why take it to the strip, when you can take it to the Edge? Located offstrip inside the Westgate Las Vegas, Edge Steakhouse represents classic Vegas cuisine with a modern flair.

WAGYU BEEF Snake River Farms started with a small herd of Wagyu cattle from the Kobe region of Japan. The Wagyu bulls were crossbred with premium American black angus and raised with strict standards to produce American Kobe Wagyu beef of the highest quality.

Miyachiku award-winning Miyazaki Wagyu from Japan. It has won two consecutive titles as the best Wagyu in Japan, making it the highest rated beef in the world.

Happy hours, client meetings or a romantic dinner, they all taste better on the Edge. Hours of operation: Happy Hour, Tuesday — Saturday, 5pm — 7pm.

Dinner, Tuesday — Saturday, 5pm — 10pm. For Group Dining or Restaurant Special Events please email groupdining wgresorts.

Many of our items are seasonal and subject to change. Please contact us with any menu questions or concerns. The first venture outside Michigan.

The ultimate Coney dog restaurant open 24 hrs. A fun social hub with classic comfort foods and cocktails; the new patio is dogfriendly.

In front of Panorama Towers. BLUE MARTINI—Town Square. Golden Nugget, E. Fremont St. Also at Town Square, Green Valley Parkway, Fort Apache Rd. Rowdy, inyour-face, down-to-earth cuisine.

Inspired by a true love for eggs, this fun restaurant puts a unique spin on the breakfast sandwich. Open Tu-Th, 11 am pm; pm; F, 11 am pm; pm; Sa, pm; Su, pm.

Bar open until 2 am. Showcase Mall, Pays homage to the origin of food, with farm-fresh ingredients and naturally-raised products.

Hearty portions of awardwinning, farm-fresh food that are comforting day or night. The Linq, Stephanie St. Focuses on cuisine made from fresh, qualitysourced ingredients.

Southern dishes served up alongside rocking live entertainment. Su-Th, 7 am pm; F-Sa, until 1 am. This next-generation gastropub stirs up innovative cocktails and puts a twist on traditional American bar food.

A classic American burger joint with creative burgers, salads, sides and shakes. Cigar aficionados can expect to find world-renowned brands here like its namesake Montecristo, La Flor Dominicana, San Cristobal and more.

Merges the sensibilities of the sports bar and gastropub flawlessly. A spin on classic comfort food that focuses on the alchemy of food and drink, as only chef Rick Moonen could.

Great salads, comfort foods and drinks in a laid-back, tropical atmosphere. SPAGO— Forum Shops at Caesars. Las Vegas incarnation of the Beverly Hills hotspot shows why Wolfgang Puck is chef to the stars.

An alloutdoor restaurant and bar serving burgers, fries, milk shakes and baby cakes on the Las Vegas Strip.

This fine dining restaurant features culinary delights served in an elegant atmosphere with unparalleled views of the city, as the restaurant revolves degrees every 80 minutes.

Open daily for lunch from 11 am pm; dinner, pm. Dine on steaks, seafood, salads and more in a comfortable downtown atmosphere. YARD HOUSE— Multiple locations.

Town Square, Also offers Chinese take-out from Th-M, pm. Szechwan and Hunan cuisine made even more remarkable by chef Philip Lo.

CHOW— Caesars Palace. This luxurious eatery has taken the world by storm with its eclectic design and energetic atmosphere. Dishes are served family style to encourage exploration.

WING-LEI— Wynn Las Vegas. French cuisine and service with a dramatic view of the Strip. French cuisine with modern touches, courtesy of chef Michael Mina.

World-renowned chef Thomas Keller brings his refined cuisine to Las Vegas. Open for breakfast, 7 am-1 pm; brunch, Sa-Su, 8 am-2 pm; mid-day oyster bar daily from pm; dinner nightly from pm.

This romantic restaurant is located 11 stories above the Strip. Reservations necessary. Reservations required. A classy Parisian-style brasserie specializing in steak frites and seafood.

Ponder the prestigious works of the legendary artist and savor edible masterpieces. The only restaurant in the United States in which to experience the elegant cuisine of Guy Savoy.

French cuisine with a contemporary edge, courtesy of visionary chef Pierre Gagnaire. Hawaiian fusion meets Pacific Rim cuisine in the form of succulent steaks, fresh seafood and poultry.

Hawaiian fusion restaurant with amazing sushi and fresh fish selections. Flamingo Rd. An exact replica of the legendary Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany, with authentic Bavarian cuisine and a traditional beer hall.

Breathtaking views and cuisine from high atop Mandalay Bay. Fine Greek cuisine, with an emphasis on seafood.

Fuses a modern dining experience with a wide variety of cuisine styles from all regions of India and across the globe. Open M-F, 11 am pm; Sa-Su, am pm.

Lake Mead Blvd. Known for its attentive and accommodating service and dedication to using only the freshest ingredients. Delightful light and flavorful cuisine from Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis, from a perch overlooking the mid-Strip.

Featuring cuisine from the Abruzzo region of Italy. Small plates masterfully created by chef Julian Serrano. Classic Italian dishes with fresh ingredients flown in weekly from Italy.

The expansive Strip-front terrace is the perfect setting for al fresco dining. Rustic Italian dishes served on redand-white checkered tablecloths.

Italian cuisine served up in a classic Las Vegas ambiance. TUSCANY GARDENS—Tuscany. Fashion Show, Dynamic creations from master chef Katsuya Uecki—innovative sushi and robata dishes, as well as stunning sashimi platters.

KUMI— Mandalay Bay. Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto brings his skills to Sin City. Try unique delights like tuna pizza, oyster foie gras and braised black cod.

Eastern Ave. The Park, Creations include everything from Kobe beef to traditional Peking duck to sushi, all prepared by master chefs from across Asia.

LOUNGE— Bellagio. A mix of traditional and modern Japanese cuisine overlooking Lake Bellagio. Dinner F-Su from pm; lounge open until midnight.

ZUMA— Cosmopolitan. An inspired reinvention of Tinseltown glamour. A festive cantina with south-of-the-border favorites. Mandalay Bay, BAR— Golden Nugget.

Mexican food and more than 70 boutique tequila selections make this dining experience unforgettable. CANONITA— Grand Canal Shoppes. Mexico City soul-food menu offers a wide variety of items made with grilled and fire-roasted meats, vegetables and seafood.

Mexican sensation uses all sustainably-raised products in its cuisine that represent the different regions of Mexico. Its bar offers more than tequilas.

In the Sapphire Plaza, Sammy Davis Jr. Drive, Rio, Street tacos and authentic Mexican fare, with a private tequila-tasting room. Mexican street food in a fun, casual atmosphere.

Live entertainment nightly. Authentic Mexican dishes plus a selection of 43 tequilas and 10 Mexican beers. Open Su-Th, noon-3 pm; F-Sa, until 6 am.

A collection of delectable dishes from the kitchens of Asia, such as beef chow fun, pad Thai and tom kha gia. HONG KONG CAFE— The Palazzo.

Traditional Chinese offerings and contemporary dishes merge at this nod to Southeast Asian cooking. Planet Hollywood, Rampart Blvd. Noodles, congee and rice dishes as well as curry chicken and fresh sea bass.

Enjoy them beneath the bold, foot-long crystal dragon, made of 90, individual crystals. Open for lunch and dinner daily. Beard award-winner Shawn McClain puts his spin on classic East Coaststyle pizza.

Vegan and gluten-free options are plentiful. Open Su-Th, 11 am-1 am; F-Sa, 11 am-3 am. Paris Las Vegas, Amped-up pub-style appetizers and unique antipasti offerings showcasing hard-to-find meats, cheeses, and vegetables.

Offerings include a selection of caviar with traditional garnishes, grilled lobster, and pan-seared filet mignon. A bright, airy atmosphere in which shrimp, clams, oysters, mussels, lobster, crab, and fresh fish take center stage.

In the Rush Tower. Aria, Enjoy an unforgettable dining experience in a casual, but upscale environment. Kids and Gluten Free Menus are available.

The freshest in upscale seafood and USDA prime steaks in an intimate and energetic environment. Contemporary seafood presented with classical technique.

An intimate, gourmet meal that serves up excellence. Hearty menu selection and handcrafted drinks in a venue that rocks.

New Orleans-style cuisine with a unique flair only chef Lagasse can offer. Some of the largest cuts of beef available in Las Vegas. Indulgent, prime-aged steaks are paired with opulent steak companions and the finest selections of wine at this revered steakhouse.

Charleston Blvd. Innovative flavors that change with the season. Impeccable service and quality, with prime steaks and fresh seafood.

Open for dinner nightly from 5 pm. Tom Colicchio perfects the art of cooking over an open flame at this refined steakhouse.

The award-winning Jean-Georges Vongerichten delivers a modern, global approach to a steakhouse, with a menu that features the highest-quality meat.

Chef JL Carrera merges a classic steakhouse with an iced seafood bar and a cheese and charcuterie bar. An institution since , which has served many celebs.

The finest-quality meats from renowned chef JeanGeorges Vongerichten. A wide range of steaks, seafood and chops. Open Su-Tu, pm; F-Sa, pm. Reservations recommended.

A celebration of food for the truly indulgent: decadent steaks, goosefat fried potatoes and desserts big enough for an army. Celebrates the flavors of ingredients produced by small family farms and artisanal producers.

Enjoy high-quality menu selections such as Bone-In Ribeye and Australian Rock Lobster. Thai Offers a modern interpretation of Thai cuisine.

Family recipes that have been handed down for generations. Taste the most buzzed-about signature dishes prepared by award-winning chefs.

No lines. No hassles with reservations. Receive immediate seating and service like a VIP! Each stop is a different, unique dining adventure designed for the ultimate in fun and interaction.

Downtown at the Four Queens Hotel. Open daily starting at 10 am. Shows posted at am. French cuisine with modern touches, courtesy chef Michael Mina.

Open for dinner nightly. JASMINE— Chinese. Cantonese, Szechwan. LE CIRQUE— French. The finestquality meats from renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

CHOW— Chinese. Open daily from am-2 pm. CARSON KITCHEN—American. Open Su-W, am pm; Th-Sa, am pm. Open Tu-Th, 11 am pm; pm;.

F, 11 am pm; pm; Sa, pm; Su, pm. The D, Fremont St. Asian cuisine from chef Joseph Elevado. Excalibur, KONA GRILL— Fusion. Also at Fashion Village at Boca Park, Italian dishes served on red-andwhite checkered tablecloths.

Also at Boca Park, The all-natural premium beef comes from cows that are born and raised solely in the United States.

Large platters designed for sharing and signature pastas epitomize the family theme. IL MULINO NEW YORK— Italian.

CHART HOUSE— Seafood. Hearty portions of award-winning, farmfresh food that are comforting day or night. Open 24 hours at The Linq; call other locations for hours.

YARD HOUSE— American. Only the best cuts of beef and succulent seafood, as well as a must-try exotic meats program. Open for dinner nightly from pm.

French cuisine with a contemporary edge, courtesy visionary chef Pierre Gagnaire. Enjoy overstuffed sandwiches and matzoh ball soup from this East Coast original.

A new American bistro menu in a cutting-edge environment. Mexican sensation uses all sustainablyraised products in its cuisine that represents the different regions of Mexico.

Fine Italian cuisine served up in a classic Las Vegas ambiance. Hawaiian fushion restaurant with amazing sushi and fresh fish selections.

Focuses on cuisine made from fresh, quality-sourced ingredients. The expansive Strip-front terrace provides the perfect setting for al fresco dining.

Citra ist eine Aromahopfensorte die aus einer Kreuzung zwischen Hallertauer Mittelfr h und einer m nnlichen Tettnanger-Sorte abstammt. Bekannt ist der Citra Hopfen f r seine intensiven Limetten- und Grapefruitnoten gepaart mit D ften von tropischen Fr chten. Besonders gerne wird der Citra Hopfen f r amerikanische Pale Ales und fruchtige IPA's verwendet. Шкаф-комод. Делаем качественную мебель доступной! Корпусная мебель производства г. Новосибирск гарантия 2 года от производителя на всю мебель Размер: х х ; Комод для одежды и белья Материа. Las Vegas. contents where to dine ® Bellagio 06 08 10 12 Harvest LAGO Michael Mina Picasso Prime. Caesars Palace 18 Mesa Grill 20 Montecristo Cigar Bar 22 Mr. Chow 24 Restaurant Guy Savoy.


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